How many members do you have?
On average we have 100 actively attending members
How old is your church?
Started in 1959
What time is your Sunday school?
Sunday school starts at 9:45 am
What time is your worship service?
Sunday mornings at 10:55 am and Sunday Evening at 6pm
Do you have discipleship classes?
We have begun to offer Discipleship Small group times on Sunday Evening. These groups meet twice a year for 8-10 weeks on Sunday evening. 
What is the preaching and music like?
Blended Contemporary, practical and relevant to everyday life
What are the church office hours?
9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday thru Thursday
Closed on Friday
(Closed from 12:00 – 1:00 pm for lunch Monday thru Thursday)
What should I wear to church?
You can dress casual or you can wear a coat and tie. We are not as concerned about what you wear as we are about developing a relationship with you.
Will I have to stand up in front of people?
We do have a greeting time in which we mingle and shake hands with one another. However, you will not be asked to do anything special or be singled out.
How do I contact the church?
Phone: (229) 436-7263
How do I become a member of CBC?
You can come forward at the end of the service during the invitation or contact the church office for more information.
Where will my children go during the service?
You can have your children accompany you in the service or they can go to our children’s service.
Do I have to be a member to participate?
There are certain areas of church service that you would be required to be a member, but for the most part you can participate as a non-member.
Will I be asked to give money?
We do not expect our visitors to give in offering at their first service. The offering is for our regular attendees and members.
How long is the worship service?
The service usually concludes around noon. However, we remain sensitive to last minute changes or a spiritual leading by the Holy Spirit.
What door do I enter?
You can use any entrance you wish. The Dawson Road entrance will bring you in on the children’s wing. The Third Avenue entrance is considered the main entrance. You may also choose to utilize the front doors. The front doors will actually allow you to enter from the back of the church.
How do I get connected?
We encourage all visitors to fill out a visitor’s card that is located in the back of the pew in front of you. You can either place this card in the offering plate or you can visit our Welcome Center and give it to a staff representative. The Welcome center is located off the main entrance hallway (Third Avenue side).